The 6-Minute Diary
The 6-Minute Diary
The 6-Minute Diary

The 6-Minute Diary

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Increase your happiness by focus on progress & the good things! Induces positive and powerful habits into your everyday life! Make your wellbeing your very own personal project by using the proven principles of positive psychology.

Doable portions of 3 minutes in the morning and 3 minutes in the evening will make your life a little better on a daily and sustainable basis.

  • 65 pages with concrete implementation strategies and practical examples
  • Daily: Your 6-Minute Routine & exquisitely inspirational content
  • Weekly: 5 new reflective questions & original challenges
  • Monthly: Your Monthly-Check to reflect the different areas of your life
  • Undated pages: Start whenever you feel ready
  • 33 Pages for notes and ideas
  • Via Mail: the additional e-Book: “The Golden Morning-Routine”
  • High-quality & vegan material
  • Two ribbons, bum bag & french linen
The 6-Minute Diary