All living things on earth are born by a mother.

Yet, all living things are not always cared for, as asked by nature by a mother. To have the freedom and the possibility to imagine is linked to the paradox of a safe enclosure in relation to unpredictable territories. A mind in imagination needs to be beyond survival mode and be in a collective safe state. The natural care on earth could be spoken of as a common motherhood, a mothership of equality, love, and affection. Mother earth can give us an inner balance where our bodies and minds are grounded and deeply entangled with not only other humans, but all living beings. 

Mothership is a web of social relationships that nurture imagination. It is a mobile and safe space into the unknown - carrying both stories and seeds for future generations. The care and freedom that are twin conditions of imagination. 

At the same time life is unpredictable, and we daily maneuver the facts of not being in full control. We need to befriend that logic and learn how to accept, receive, and give, in an open-minded way. Imagination requires a state of freedom, and a willingness to meet what we don’t know. Freedom and free thinking is born from that grounded and conscious care that is given through a mothership. 


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